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Andi Taylor

Meet Andi! She is a talented stylist whose passion lies with blonding. Her love for blondes started due to the huge transformations and from then on, she fell in love with the process and tedious work that it entails. Andi’s specialty has gained her a loyal following of clients who trust her with their hair. Working with blondes requires patience, skill, and attention to detail. She loves the challenge of getting the perfect shade of blonde for her clients while keeping their hair healthy. This career gives her the freedom to explore her creative outlet, while doing what she loves to do. With her expertise and passion for hair, you're guaranteed to leave the salon with beautiful and healthy hair. 


She is the life of the party, and if you find yourself in her chair, here are a couple facts about Andi that can serve as conversation starters for the both of you!


  • She is a Picses

  • Reads up to three books weekly

  • She is always discovering new music artists

  • River trips are her favorite summer activities

  • Her favorite things to do while outside of the salon include going out dancing with friends and reading her books

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