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Carson Freeman

Level 1a Stylist

Meet Carson! She is a talented hairstylist with a passion for all things Blonding, but her talents extend far beyond the world of hair. Carson’s clients’ appreciate her friendly demeanor and her commitment to excellence. She loves to create a cohesive and memorable result that will give them a new image and glow. Carson is known for her ability to create stunning and natural-looking blondes. With a keen eye for detail and a natural talent for creativity, Carson is always looking for new ways to help her clients’ stand out from the crowd.


She is creative & hardworking, and if you find yourself in her chair, here are a couple facts about Carson that can serve as conversation starters for the both of you!


  • She is an Aries

  • Played competitive beach & indoor volleyball and softball growing up

  • Moved to Texas in 2019 from St.Augustine, Florida

  • She grew up as an Army brat

  • Her favorite things to do outside of the salon include hanging out with her friends/family, go out dancing, and be near the water

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