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Jordan Powell

Meet Jordan! She specializes in creating vibrant coppers and dimensional brunettes, making her an expert in creating unique, eye-catching looks for her clients. Jordan creates amazing styles and looks that stand out.  Many of her clients return to her regularly for her expertise. Overall, Jordan is an experienced and talented hairstylist who creates vibrant coppers and dimensional brunettes. Her dedication to her clients and passion for her craft make her a top choice for anyone looking for a stylist who can help them achieve a bold look.


She is meticulous, and if you find yourself in her chair, here are a couple facts about Jordan that can serve as conversation starters for the both of you!


  • She is a Scorpio

  • Is a mom of 2

  • Loves to go shopping

  • She’s very sassy

  • Her favorite things to do outside of the salon include travelling and momming

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