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Karli Wright

Level 4a Stylist

Salon Lead & Lead Educator

Meet Karli! She is a true master of being able to create personalized looks that highlight her clients’ unique features and personality. Karli has advanced training and expertise in creating stunning blonde shades and extensions! She educates her clients on how to maintain their blonde hair, keeping it healthy, vibrant, and free from damage! Karli is skilled in choosing the right type of extensions based on her clients hair type, lifestyle, and desired look. She chose this profession because she loves to make everyone feel their best, while making lifelong connections and friendships along the way!


She is a sweetheart, and if you find yourself in her chair, here are a couple facts about Karli that can serve as conversation starters for the both of you!


  • She is a Gemini

  • Dog mom to quirky Pitbull named Shrek

  • Loves to thrift

  • One of her hobbies is working out

  • Her favorite things to do outside of the salon is weight lift, exploring the outdoors, and going to rock & metal shows

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