Refresh Me Facial

Purifying Acne Facial 

Green Tea Detox Facial

    CBD Facial

S’mores Facial 

     Riot. Signature Facial 

      Hydrating Facial 

     Peptide Firming Facial

     Alpha/Beta Peel Facial

   Chocolate & Champagne Facial

A relaxing & beneficial treatment for those with even the busiest schedules. This 30-minute facial is the perfect “lunch break” treat, or even just an opportunity to try out our amazing products!

This treatment is formulated for those who are suffering from stubborn breakouts, targeting those bumps & blemishes with an exfoliating enzyme, purifying mask & extractions. 

CBD is a nearly perfect skin care component for all skin types. This treatment caters to a range of skincare concerns, everything from breakouts & acne, to rosacea, eczema, & psoriasis. It helps to balance skin hydration, corrects skin’s sebum production, & has incredible anti-inflammatory properties. 

Maximize hydration & relaxation with our S’mores Facial! We start off with our Cocoa Enzyme, which provides gentle exfoliation & brightening. Then, with our Marshmallow Whip Hydrating Mask, dry, dehydrated skin will be transformed with a complex blend of hydrating ingredients & botanicals to infuse necessary hydration into the skin.

Our signature facial is guaranteed to have you feeling relaxed & rejuvenated after a custom treatment tailored to your specific skincare needs & concerns. This is a perfect option for first-time clients who aren’t sure what to book.

 Dry skin? Not here, honey. This facial will have your skin drenched to perfection after a custom mask, hydrating serum & moisturizer!

The Botox Facial! Renew & revitalize the skin with powerful antioxidants, stem cells, potent anti-aging peptides and botanicals. Infuse the skin with the latest ingredients in skincare that will help stimulate new cell growth, repair & rejuvenate the skin, leaving you with a firm, luminous glow.

 Let’s fight the signs of aging with a hard-hitting combination of lactic & salicylic acids. This unique blend of acids not only effectively exfoliates the skin, but also evens out your complexion! This is the perfect rejuvenator for all skin types assisting in lasting results.

A reset button for your skin! This facial is designed to effectively reduce any buildup of keratinized skin to reduce bacteria & acne! It includes an anti-inflammatory green tea mask that delivers powerful healing antioxidants while nourishing & hydrating the skin at the same time! This treatment will leave you feeling invigorated & refreshed.

 Let your senses take you to paradise as the elements of raw cocoa powder protect & boost healing for all skin types. Papaya & pineapple enzymes provide a gentle exfoliation to prep the skin for this refreshing treatment. Relax in the bliss of pure oxygen, as it works to stimulate cell turnover, boost circulation & leaves you feeling completely revitalized & hydrated.