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Frequently Asked  Questions

How do I make an appointment?

There are several ways to make an appointment with us! The easiest way is to call the location you are trying to make an appointment for. You can find our phone number listed on the bottom of this page. We have also provided a link for you to book an appointment online on our services page!

How will I know what stylist to choose?

We love our stylists + their unique creativity, so we love to show their work on our Instagram pages! We also have provided a page called "Meet our Riot Babes" so you can check out some of their work by clicking their instagram names or you can also click on their picture to view their profiles! If you still don't know who to choose by the time you make your appointment, we'd be happy to pair you with someone we feel will best suit your needs.

How will I know what services I need to book?

Each new guest that would like to book a color appointment, is required to book a virtual or in person hair color consultation first. The easiest way to do a virtual consult, is to call or text at (281)942-9485. We also have provided a services page for you to look at some pictures to help guide you towards what services you need to book for!

How much will my appointment cost?

All consultations will provide pricing for the service(s) agreed upon. Please be aware that the prices for services listed on our website will vary based on the stylist + the length/density/condition of your hair. We firmly believe in no "sticker shock." 

What products should I use at home?

We have hand selected the products we carry because they coincide with our company mission to keep your hair safe, healthy and beautiful. We take great pride in giving our guests product knowledge before they even leave the salon. It is important to us to educate our clients to have a good at home hair and skin care regimen to keep your color beautiful and skin maintained. We want you to love your results as much as you did the day you had it done! Please note that we cannot guarantee the longevity of your hair color or skin if you are using outside products not prescribed by your service provider.

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