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Where we started, where we are, where we are going


The woman who started it all...


Day in and day out Haley pours her heart and soul into Riot and her work. This fire and devotion is evident in everything Riot does and stands for. For her, her work is not just a job, it's a calling. It's a level of passion that sets her apart from the rest, making her a true gem in the world of beauty and style.

Interested in how Haley made it all happen?

Here is her Story :

Where it  started

 Haley started working in a salon in Spring Tx when she was 15 years old as a receptionist then moved up to manager and fell in love with the industry from there. Her boss at the time, took Haley to every hair show and educational event possible which lit a fire for her to want to do hair. She remembers seeing some platform artists on stage doing crazy hair with a rock concert happening on stage and fell in love.

When the Idea Started

What made Haley want to open her own salon was working at others and seeing the way she didn’t want things to be. She had some great bosses and some not so great and saw all the drama that can be involved in a salon and felt that stylists deserved to be in a place they felt safe, welcome and free to be artistic and make great money! She also felt a desire to create a much more toxin free salon that cared deeply about the health of its clients and team.

When Riot  Started

Haley started Riot Salon in Webster, In a suite. Then shortly after started hiring new employees there until we outgrew it within 10 monthsAfter that, Haley took over a cute little bungalow in Seabrook, Texas as our first location. We were there for 2 years before bursting at the seems and needing to expand to a new space and better location.


When the Vision Came to Life

Haley's vision for the company was to have an amazing space for amazing and talented professionals to work together. It has since evolved into a teaching space, salon, spa and boutique that is ever thriving! We have such an amazing team that genuinely loves what they do and it shows. We have the absolute best clients in the world and community!

Clean Product  Inspiration


The products we carry and use in the salon and spa are extremely thought out and with health first in mind. We look for products that are clean and safe that work, sticking to that rule has allowed us to work with some amazing brands and develop products of our own! We don’t want anyone to have a reaction to a cleaning product we use or be spraying toxic fumes from dry shampoo etc. in the air. That isn’t good for anyone and she is very sensitive to all of it and fragrance in general. So here you will find all of the scents come from non-toxic sources, such as essential oils

Plans for the future

Our current company plans for now are to keep building a super solid team and serving our clients and communities to the best of our ability. We are also going to hopefully expand into a school/salon and spa that can further help raise the next generation of service providers in this same atmosphere!

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